15036778_s-300x200The most important characteristic of our ideal selling agent is the combination of marketing expertise and proactive assistance that would enable us to rely on our agent to lead us through the process, not just walk us through the process.

In our initial discussions, we developed confidence in Renata’s ability to meet these requirements, including her quick study of our property, the data she presented on the market, and her recommendations concerning marketing strategy. Her approach was well thought-out and obviously the result of successfully navigating the real estate market, honing her skills all the way. We also were impressed by her love of the market and her belief that, when a home is marketed successfully and with integrity, everyone comes out a winner, which is what we felt was the outcome of our relationship with Renata.

Renata’s ability to set strategy comes from her experience and her keen eye for the strengths and weaknesses of a given property (because no two situations are alike). Her experience and connections with other experts enabled her to put together a first-class marketing package.

One important advantage of working with Renata is her confidence in her approach and problem-solving, which relieves us, the sellers, from the mental burden of the marketing process. Selling a home is an emotional experience, and we were glad to be freed of any concerns about whether we were taking the right approach in any aspect of the process – thanks to Renata’s sure-footedness in the real estate marketing profession.

We should add that one of Renata’s strengths is being able to communicate complex and, in some cases, technical issues and options in such a way that laymen grasp their meaning and the implications of one choice versus another. Her abilities paid dividends – both in setting the marketing strategy and in how we responded tactically during negotiations and through the closing.

Get off that fence and call Renata Briggman.

She will quickly and professionally come to understand your requirements, all of the relevant characteristics of your property, and how your home fits into the overall market’s current conditions.  You will quickly understand the key elements of your home’s marketing strategy, the challenges you will face with her help, and a rough timeline based on market conditions.

During the marketing process, Renata will handle all the necessary details and coordination as seamlessly as possible and with minimal strain on you.  During negotiations, you will always feel strongly represented, and you will be impressed by the skill with which Renata identifies and eliminates obstacles to consummating the deal.

At the closing, you will be struck by how easy the process was and how fortunate you were to have an agent with such strong drive, great experience and knowledge of the market, and such a love for what she can accomplish for clients like you.

 ~ Mike Burke, Townhome Seller

Renata clearly loves what she accomplishes on behalf of her clients and relishes the competitive aspects of the real estate market.  She has the determination and discipline to succeed in that environment – resolving issues before they become problems, eliminating obstacles before they disrupt progress, sustaining her clients’ situational awareness so that surprises can be dealt with quickly, and knowing her clients’ needs and priorities when dealing with buyers’ agents and other players in the process. The fact that Renata is so driven, not only to successfully market her clients’ homes, but also to make the process as enjoyable as possible, is the key to why we feel the relationship was a successful one.

~ Pat Burke, Townhome Seller

Renata Briggman is by far the best professional I have had the pleasure to work with in the 60 years I have been in business. She is obviously dedicated to her work because she knows the business thoroughly and delivers everything her client expects in order to label the encounter absolutely successful AND delightful.

~ Dr. Norge W. Jerome, Arlington

We could not recommend Renata enough. She is competent, thorough, patient, tactful, structured, honest. In a word, a true professional. Her help was absolutely essential during an extremely stressful mortgage process.

As first-time buyers, we were pretty much clueless regarding the various aspects of the mortgage application process and house bidding. Before meeting Renata, we had worked with another agent whose communication style had left us with many doubts. And we were confused. We were so confused that we thought it was too early to begin the home search. A brief discussion with Renata helped us change our minds.

We felt a solid connection with her from the outset. She took time to explain everything in a very articulate and clear fashion; then she formulated search criteria on the basis of an exact determination of our needs and preferences. Throughout the process, she was extremely responsive and always available for small, clarifying in-person sessions. She spared us a lot of effort by regularly sending informative emails detailing the next steps on the agenda. In these emails, she carefully emphasized anything urgent or requiring extra-attention.

We made offers on a number of houses. Renata gave us honest advice based on an excellent knowledge of the (very competitive) local market and practices. She is well connected to people in the business, which gives her an “insider’s insights.” She was also quick to complete the offer forms.

In the underwriting phase, Renata was in constant contact with the lender, keeping us in the loop and providing reassurance. She genuinely took our interests to heart; if anything is crucial to a buyers’ relationship with their agent, especially a first-time buyer, that is trust, and we felt genuinely represented by Renata.

~ Stefan Cojocaru, Arlington

I’ve worked with her before and she’s a terrific realtor. She is organized, flexible, thoughtful, and approachable. I’ve purchased two properties in Arlington with Renata, and have always been impressed with her work ethic and terrific knowledge of the local real estate market. Renata is a top-notch professional.

 ~ Scott Geary, Arlington

You won’t find anyone better than Renata!

I originally purchased my condo in 2011 and had a terrible experience with a terrible realtor. Fast forward three years, and I needed to sell my condo before moving overseas. I was hesitant at first and even considered renting it just so I wouldn’t have to deal with another realtor. But then, my friend recommended Renata.

I called Renata one morning just to ask a few questions and I was immediately impressed. She didn’t seem rushed and she really took the time to go over all the details with me. Toward the end of the call, she even asked me what I was looking for in a realtor. I was so shocked by the question I almost didn’t know how to answer.

She came to my condo a few days later with a ton of information and answered all my questions. I was sold.

A few months later, after prepping and staging my condo, it was on the market. Renata facilitated professional staging and photographs so my condo listing stood out online.

The same day it went on the market, I received a phone call from Renata stating I had an offer for the full asking price. I accepted the offer and Renata walked me through the closing process. She sent me email updates and checklists regularly to ensure a smooth process.

I can’t say enough good things about Renata. I highly recommend her if you want a positive experience buying or selling your home.

~ Dimitriana Nikolov, Arlington

Renata was the best agent I ever had. She was very responsive and explained the whole process.

~ Pamela Richardson, Arlington 

Renata looks at the bigger picture – by coordinating contractors, suggesting what we would not like, or what we should consider. She took the time to get to know our needs. Most of all, she was not trying to just sell us a house, she was helping us plan for our future home.

Renata is a model real estate agent.

She brings excellent knowledge of the Arlington market along with sharp negotiating skills and knowledge of local contractors. She is certain to help you find your future home and remains in constant communication to keep you informed during the process.

~ Ajay Rao, Arlington

Renata is the best real estate agent I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

She’s awesome.

She was on top of everything from day one: inspections, every deadline. She even went on vacation and still managed to make us feel like everything was under control.

~ Mike Tyler, Arlington

I would not have been able to find a place to call home from Chicago if not for Renata.

I was introduced to Renata through a friend. I was anxious because this was my first home purchase and it was located in another state. Due to my hectic job schedule, I was able to look only at homes in the NOVA area for a few days. The shortage of time did not have any impact on Renata’s abilities to identify potential homes and to make multiple appointments so that I was able to see all my options in the area.

Renata expertly narrowed down the best places for me, as I voiced my opinions on the various homes on the market.

I cannot thank Renata enough for the patience she displayed throughout the process. From start to finish, she clearly and thoroughly explained everything that was going on and the steps that were to come. She held my hand through the entire process.

Renata is the quintessential realtor for anyone who wants to find a home in NOVA. Thank you so much.

~ Lena Lee, Arlington

Renata is the best realtor we’ve ever worked with. She’s thorough, professional, patient, and works hard to support her clients. We’ve worked with her twice and she’s the first realtor we would use again or recommend to a friend.

~ Ethan Honda, Falls Church

Renata helped my husband and I navigate a very complicated short-sale purchase.

She was incredibly professional, responsive, and patient throughout the entire process and ultimately helped us purchase a fantastic home.

Renata is a pleasure to work with. We were looking for a house for many months and she was very patient with us. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.

~ Katherine Murphy, Arlington

Renata was just wonderful to work with. She was conscientious and knowledgeable, ably walking us through every step of a very detailed process, from deal to purchase and everything in between. Her enthusiasm and warmth were so appreciated. Above all, she is a true professional, dedicated to her clients and never missing a beat. She even anticipated our every need. We are so lucky she was recommended to us, and would recommend her to friends in a heartbeat.

~ Kelly Moudy, Arlington 

The home-buying process is stressful in and of itself. Renata made it pleasurable and extremely easy. We always felt that we were her number-one priority even when we knew she was handling multiple clients. We were both the seller and buyer. Renata went far above any expectation we had for the home selling/buying process. Extreme professionalism, and top notch service. She treated us as if we were a million-dollar client.

~ Jonathan Ruhe, Arlington 

Renata was 100% the best agent I’ve worked with. Her knowledge of the real estate market (buyers and sellers) was pivotal in our transactions. Because of her knowledge, we were able to buy a home for a GREAT price and sell my home for more than I was expecting.

We are so happy with the home Renata helped us purchase. Because of her thorough knowledge of the market, we bought a home in a community that we weren’t considering. This turned out to be a great decision for price, commute, and community.

Renata is a true professional in every sense of the word. She has a great understanding of the constantly changing market for buyers and sellers, is attentive and responsive to her client’s emails and phone calls, and is extremely knowledgeable about the home buying/selling process. At times, I felt she never took a day off from us. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home.

~ Mike Anstrom, Arlington 

Renata exceeded my expectations in every facet of the home-selling process. Her honesty upfront, and ability to pull together a “fix-up” team quickly and cost effectively, was essential. Renata sold our townhouse quickly for above asking.

~ Tom Sipple, Arlington

I liked her knowledge of the market and her ability to be very frank about any situation so I could make a decision based on fact, not emotion. That was very important in the process. Whenever I was in doubt about a situation that would arise, she would offer a solution. I liked knowing I had a “consultant” on my side who would do what was in my best interest.

She was very involved and frequently met service providers at my condo (not conveniently located), and dealt directly with my tenant and the condo association. I have used other realtors, but now that I have had the “Renata” experience, I know what first-class service is. When I am ready to buy again, she has my business.

~ Jenn Ellek, Arlington

Working with Renata was a pleasure. This was my first time purchasing a home and she took the time to explain the process to me so that I felt comfortable with the situation. She was extremely helpful and I look forward to using her services again when I am ready for my next home purchase.

~ Kristina Straub, Alexandria

It was a joy working with Renata over the last year and a half.

We originally listed our house and went under contract last year. However, the buyer walked away. Throughout the ordeal, Renata was positive and supportive. She worked tirelessly to position our house in the market; the timing just wasn’t meant to be, but when we re-listed, we had three offers in as many days and were able to go under contract for above our asking price.

Every step of the way, Renata displayed exceptional professionalism. She arranged all of the contractors (photographer, window cleaner, and others) and each had the same level of professionalism, which speaks to her ability to manage the process.

She made a stressful time moving a family manageable, all while juggling being a mom herself.

I would recommend Renata to any of my friends looking to buy or sell. We wish her great success.

~ The Stephens Family, Arlington

Renata is the ultimate professional; she made us feel valued as clients, she always met her commitments, and she worked diligently to ensure that our house was sale-ready.

I have recommended her to numerous friends in the Arlington area.

Renata provided us with an incomparable level of service when we sold our home.

She is a true champion in the Arlington real estate arena, and we would heartily recommend her to anyone who is contemplating a home sale.

~ Brian Costlow, Arlington 

Renata goes above and beyond the duties of a real estate agent. She was there for us at every step in the process to sell our current home and purchase another home. We couldn’t have been more pleased with her service.

~ Mariah Kalmin, Arlington 

We recently worked with Renata to sell our condo and purchase a new home. We were extremely pleased with our experience and have already recommended her to two friends. Renata is knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and responsive. Her experience and attention to detail helped take the stress out of a very stressful process.

~ Caitlin McGurn, Arlington

Renata is extremely organized, efficient, and readily available by both phone and e-mail. My husband and I are located two hours away from the condo we were selling and she made the process very easy, keeping us informed all the way.

I highly recommend Renata.

We bought the condo from her in the past and sold the condo with her. She is a great advocate for her clients’ needs.

~ Frances Canet, Arlington

We found dealing with Renata an extremely pleasant experience and her knowledge of the Arlington market was exceptional.

~ Karen Bruton, Arlington

Renata is as good as it gets: She knew the market inside-out, knew how to explain it and deal with people, and paid attention to details, large & small. She and her team were a pleasure.

~ Greg Rushford, Editor & Publisher, The Rushford Report

Renata and her team were consummate professionals and made the process incredibly easy. She took time to get to know my decision criteria and the motivations behind that, and then helped me negotiate the process.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase.

~ Shawnette Rochelle, Arlington

Renata helped us sell our first home, and she made the whole experience a very positive one. She was always professional, prompt, and pleasant to work with.

She had great knowledge of the market. I really appreciated that she brought in a stager and a professional photographer to make our home look its best.

With Renata, we were able to sell our home for full asking price in 10 days, with multiple offers, which is pretty incredible in an otherwise slow market. We moved to another state, and she really helped to make the process smooth and low-stress by taking care of all of the “little” things after we’d moved.

I wholeheartedly recommend her.

~ Elle Morton, Arlington 

We could not be any happier with Renata’s job in marketing/selling our house.

Her hard work and effort really shows through and the whole process went flawlessly, which was great since we were on the market from out of town.

She marketed it perfectly, kept us informed throughout the process, and went above and beyond our expectations in providing realty services for us.

~ Josh Morton, Arlington 

Renata is very professional and she is an excellent representation of Keller-Williams company values.

I would recommend her to any person in the market to buy or sell a home.

Renata has a way of making you feel that you are her number-one customer at all times. She is always trying to meet your needs and schedule. Renata is dependable, knowledgeable, and someone you can definitely trust when you are buying a home.

~ Olivia Piontek, Arlington 

Renata is extremely conscientious and professional. We recently used her services to purchase a condo in Arlington. She knows the market extremely well, has connections and great deals with accompanying services (title company and lenders, among others). She was able to get everything taken care of on a very tight deadline and made the whole process painless. She is a hard worker and looks out for her client every step of the way.

We are NOT first-time buyers and she is by far the best realtor we have ever used.

~ Patricia Alterici, Arlington 

Renata Briggman made buying my first home a breeze. She walked me through everything, step-by-step, and made sure I understood each part of the contract. I always felt like a priority client and that she truly understood what I was looking for.

~ Jenna DiPaolo, Washington, D.C.

We met Renata at one of her listings about 10 months ago when we were just beginning to explore the possibility of helping our daughter buy a condo. She helped us focus our search, narrow down our options, and kept in contact with us on new listings once we had decided where we wanted to be.

She walked our daughter through the process of making an offer, counter-offer, inspection, and closing. Renata is totally professional, has a wonderful personality, and does her homework. She is thorough, start to finish. We are very appreciative of all her efforts on our behalf and would highly recommend her.

~ Dale and Robert Johnston, Arlington

Renata was very knowledgeable, timely, professional, and responsive. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and her team.

~Reza Mahbod, Arlington